Saturday, December 08, 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for LG Optimus 4x HD sneaked

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

For months, owners of the LG P880 4x HD flooded the forums with speculation about a possible update to Android Jelly Bean. Unfortunately, the imminent launch of the new Optimus G cooled those hopes a little bit (we all know what happens when someone launches a new model.. they become lazy in updating the older models for us to buy the new one).

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This time however, a report in GLBenchmark (a site that measures and compares the performance of the OpenGL ES implementation of different mobile devices) could change things. Based on the sneaked information, a firmware for the LG P880 (x3_open_eu-eng 4.1.2 JZO54K) with Android 4.1 could already exist and being tested.

According to the system information, this ROM would have compiled last November 17 and would be available, at the very least, for European SIM Free handsets (owners of subsidised terminals, as usual, will have to wait a little longer). You can always check for the latest available firmware here.

LG P880 GL Benchmark

If true, this might confirm some news appeared back in October when the Dutch LG Support Site answered a customer (english translation) about a possible update:

This (the update to Optimus 4X) will start in January 2013, but we'll try to update (you) before rolling out.

Naturally, all this information does not imply that LG will ever release this ROM. But we all know that the LG P880 4X HD has more than enough capacity to run Android 4.1 without glitches. If LG doesn't offer an update to Jelly Bean to their Optimus 4X HD customers, they will know they're victims of planned obsolescence tactics and what to do next time they shop for an smartphone.

I don't think someone willing to top the global smartphone manufacturers wants to take that route. But -just in case- LG, we'll be watching!

Source: GLBenchmark