Friday, December 07, 2012

Facebook for Blackberry Smartphones updated to 3.3


Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones makes it even easier to connect with friends and share your news while you’re on the go and helps you to stay connected and on top of your social life.

The new features and enhancements for Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones version 3.3 include, together with many bug fixes, the following items:

  • Photos: You can view photo albums in a thumbnail grid and photos in full screen. You can also easily swipe between photos.
  • BBM connected apps: You can share or stop sharing your BBM PIN, invite Facebook friends who are BlackBerry users to become BBM contacts, and start BBM conversations with Facebook friends from within Facebook.
  • Unfriending: You can unfriend a user who is currently on your Friends list .
  • HTTPS Support:  The Facebook application is using HTTPS for all communication to the Facebook API and servers.
  • User Experience changes: The look and feel has been refreshed and improved.
  • Photo Save: You can save photos to your smartphone or to a media card.

Source: Blackberry