HTC Butterfly S with Ultra Pixel camera Hands-on

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HTC Butterfly S

Smart phones have swept the world over with their technological moves. It’s been buzzing around and, the consumer is bombarded with different varieties of phones. It is amazing the way the smart phone has made a smart consumer. If you visit any mobile shop, you would be surprised by the questions consumers ask the salesman. Ranging from the battery life which has become a common question to the facilities like apps it supports etc. are becoming a common question. The second type of query that most consumers bombard the salesman with is what smartphone should they go for. They need to know the brand that is selling the most to the features that each smartphone has and, in that context choose one for themselves.

At such a time and age, where there is severe competition of the brands and, their newer models HTC has been raging popularity among consumers. When HTC came up with its Cha Cha, who knew the sales would go so high that the phones would be consumed in first go. HTC never looked back after that and, since then it has been producing a lot of phones with newer and better features priced at an affordable rate. This is amazing given that almost all phones that HTC has managed to produce have been sold out in the first go itself.

One such new phone that has found its place in the markets recently is the HTC butterfly S. With its brilliant accessories and features to back it, it has become a phone that almost every second person desires to have. The newer and better features unleashed with this new phone have captured many hearts. So, what is so special about this phone? Let’s check out a few features and, you might just get to know how good this phone feels.

Why the Nokia Lumia 920 is -still- a hot buy

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Nokia Lumia 920

With the backlash against the current iOS 7 update and the stale market of Android smartphones, there is finally room for a new competitor in the smartphone market: The Nokia Lumias. The fresh design and OS offer users an alternative to the existing smartphones we've grown accustomed to in the last few years. If you've never considered buying a Windows 8 Phone, here are 5 reasons why you should get a Lumia 920 (latest Nokia's flagship until the Lumia 1020 was released).

Sony launches Xperia C with 5 inch screen and quad-core processor at affordable price

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Xperia C

The Android smartphone market seems to be exhausted with the new launches and the brand smartphone warfare. There are cheaper, more powerful and exceptionally beautiful handsets coming out through various shapes, features and of course, brands.

HTC launches a few neat powerful smartphones, while Samsung has one for every requirement. Apple stays minimal and Nokia is trying on the smartphone market in a different way with a completely different Windows based Operating System. Sony tries to keep up with all these brands, but faces challenges with a competition that offers powerful processing devices at affordable rates. This fact has changed Sony’s game, which has now launched the latest Sony Xperia C.

How to create your ringtone in 3 easy steps, for FREE

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Create ringtone

Heard a new song on the radio? Have a favorite song and want the chorus as your ringtone but dislike that long intro? Don’t fret, because now you can easily create new ringtones and replace your own tune instantly with the use of free software and this easy to follow guide.

To create our ringtones we'll use the free Audiko Web Wizard. Those who created this tool are really heaven-sent. Not only does it make creating or customizing a ringtone for your phone seamless, but the entire process is totally hassle free. Yep, Audiko is a free iPhone and Android ringtone maker and customizer -probably one of the best- that allows anyone to create ringtones as easy as 1-2-3.

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Root

Android based smart phones are ruling the market today, you are aware of the fact that Android is the best operating system in the World today for smart phones, it has the record of holding the crown being the distributor for highest number of smart phones sold with running on the platform. This operating system has appealed to the masses pretty well.

Samsung has just mastered the technique of incorporating Android with its smartphones. All the smart phones by the company Samsung running on Android are the biggest in the market. Even the latest Android operating system version 4.2 Jellybean, is also a major success and Samsung has already begun manufacturing smart phones running on Android 4.2 like the Samsung Galaxy Mega series, and the Mega series are quite popular in the block.

New Nokia Lumia 1080 Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) wearable smartphone concept

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Nokia 1080

Just a quick post to introduce you to the Nokia Lumia 1080 Windows Phone concept tipped by our friends at 91mobiles. This smartphone features a flexible OLED screen and special layered circuitry that allows you to bend it over your wrist. This wearable device is not short of specs either, sporting a whooping 5" display, a 1.8Ghz Quad Core CPU and, of course, the latest and greatest version of Windows Phone: WP 8.1 (aka Windows Blue).

Lenovo K900 review - An Intel powered Android smartphone with nice features

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Lenovo K900

Gone are those times when smartphone processors were mentioned in MHz and the primary difference between a low end and high end phone was storage and size. Now every manufacturer is trying to put as much power as they can under the hood of their phones, even if it isn’t required. The resolutions are going up, number of cores going up, clock speeds and RAM going up along with the prices.

Most manufacturers have got one such phone that tries to make every other phone look pale. Lenovo has recently announced one such weapon from their stable. The K900 is what they came up with.

This phone was first displayed in CES and was announced along with a few other smartphones. The phone is powered by a 2GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z2580 processor with Intel Hyper-Threading technology. As they say, the processor has been optimized for better power management. The phone has also been priced very well for what it has to offer.

Sony Xperia Z Review - Premium Android Smartphone

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Sony Xperia Z

Sony has a triple agenda with the new Xperia Z. The Company is seeking to merge mobile with gaming and imaging thereby catering to those three needs in one comprehensive handset. The form factor of the Xperia Z is more new to the usual Sony design, and is a refreshing change executed with precision.

The Flagship models usually lead and stand tall and are a better effort compared to the other models of the same series. In this case, the device looks so good, that it dims the appeal of the other previous Xperia phones. The Xperia Z is Sony's first 1080p phone display, which is a huge five inches and is powered by the new Bravia Mobile Engine 2. The Sony Xperia Z features HDR Video-Capable Exmor RS sense with its 13 megapixel camera.

Nokia Lumia 720 Preview – Hits and Misses

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Nokia Lumia 720

Couple of years back, Nokia, the once dominant king of the hill never thought it could be dethroned by then fledgling Samsung and a brand new player in the cellular market – Apple. However, all that changed quickly when the smartphone market was hit with a barrage of iOS and Android powered devices that featured multicore processors, multi-touch HD screens and cutting edge software that allowed users to connect to the internet with blazing fast 3G networks. After dominating the cellular industry for more than a decade it was time for the Finnish telecom giant to either bite the dust or rethink its strategy. Fortunately the fledgling company decided to do the latter.

Fancy Samsung Galaxy S5 Images and Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy S5

While the Galaxy S4 is selling like hotcakes (more than 10M sold since its release), Samsung is already working on its successor, ready to empty our pockets again. And the internet is flooded with speculations about the technical specifications and looks of the new handset, allegedly called the Galaxy S V (or S5, whichever you prefer). Here you are with details of a concept Galaxy S5 made by 91mobiles, based on leaked specs and rumours from the forums, which is more down to earth and realistic than the galore of alien concept phones we've seen before.

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