Friday, February 01, 2013

Exclusive: MasterCard leaks LG Jelly Bean update plan

LG Jelly Bean Update

Another day, another LG Jelly Bean update leak. This time the news come from credit card company MasterCard. The MasterCard Mobile Partner Program, a global resource center designed to foster knowledge sharing and partnership opportunities within the mobile industry, has just leaked a document of approved mobile devices where a bunch of recent LG devices (including the Optimus 4X HD) are now listed as ICS / JellyBean equipped.

The MasterCard PayPass Ready identifier is a way for mobile device manufacturers to differentiate products that have undergone testing for MasterCard PayPass and received a Letter of Approval. It also promotes to consumers that the device will be capable of contactless payment transactions when enabled with a MasterCard PayPass account.

Mastercard LG Optimus 4X HD Jelly Bean Update

As it is upon the issue of the Letter of Approval when MasterCard includes the device in its list, having these LG models listed with Jelly Bean on-board confirms that the update was available from LG when the MasterCard Security Labs did the certification. When the OS update will be released to consumers might be a different story though.

This information comes on top of recent leaks about the imminent availability of the Jelly Bean update for the once LG flagship, the Optimus 4X HD. Is LG commited to be a major player in the smartphone industry also in the customer support front? We'll soon know.

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Download: MasterCard PayPass Approved Devices