Monday, February 04, 2013

LG Customer Service confirms Jelly Bean for Optimus 4X HD

LG Customer Service

Today we have an email from the Customer Service Center of LG in Indonesia where the manufacturer confirms the availability of a Jelly Bean update for the LG Optimus 4X HD (although, to be honest, no specific date was given). The email has been forwarded by a reader of Smartphenom who prefers to remain anonymous, although he asked us to publicly thank Miss "N" (from the LG Call Center) how graciously she served his numerous requests.

Our tipper contacted the LG Customer Service Center about ten times to find out the manufacturer's intentions regarding the Optimus 4x LG updates, until he got an specific answer. The Customer Service Center of LG wrote:

In response to your inquiry about the software update, the information we gave you is accurate. The LG Oprimus 4X will receive an update to Jelly Bean, though we do not know for sure when it will be available in the State of Indonesia. LG will announce in due time the availability of the update in the media and the social networks.

This new information joins the many leaks we have already published on the possible Jelly Bean update of the Optimus 4X HD (and other recent handsets). The truth is that it would be difficult for LG to explain how a terminal powered with a quad-core CPU (five cores if you consider the energy savings unit) and GPU graphics acceleration is so clearly despised.

LG Customer Service Jelly Bean

To my mind, LG would be testing the Jelly Bean update but avoiding to give a date not to frustrate their customers (some handsets, especially those on contract, might take additional months). The slow deployment of its Jelly Bean flagship (the Optimus G) and the stock issues of the Nexus 4 in most countries won't help either (an upgraded 4X could affect sales of new models, or so they may think).

Will the Optimus 4X get the last update it deserves? Will it arrive shortly? Please have your say in the comments section below or share this post to your friends using the social buttons below.