Saturday, December 08, 2012

New Nokia 310 leaked by Nokia and Bluetooth Organization

Nokia 310 Bluetooth Leak

Nokia is gearing up ahead of the Christmas season. Leaving aside the new Lumias, Nokia also wants to keep its relevance in the low/medium segment and appears to be preparing new releases.

This time, and the very same Nokia (in a certification paper) have leaked a new model that could be released in the forthcoming weeks: the Nokia Asha 310. Halfway between the model 308/309 and the 311 (Asha Series flagship), I wonder what feature justifies a new model this time (I'm not very optimistic.. I wish it was a GPS chip, but I bet it would be a lowered price 311).

Although published some pictures in its listing, it is very likely that these images are generic and that the final looks is slightly different. Also, the details given in the leaked information makes me think that, once again, Nokia is releasing many models but little innovation.

Nokia 310 Nokia Leak

Source: Nokia 310 Declaration of Conformity, Nokia 310 Listing