Saturday, May 16, 2015

5 Cool Tricks for Your New Android Phone

If you are looking fora first smartphone, an Android device can be a great choice. These devices are easy to use, and there are plenty of apps available to make them even more fun.

Knowing a few tricks can make your new Android smartphone even more useful, whether you are new to the world of smart phones or just new to the Android platform. These five tips can help you get more out of your new Android device.

#1 — Remove Unneeded Apps

It is easy to download a new app for your Android phone —perhaps too easy. You can download an app with just a click, and that makes it easy to download the wrong app. After a while, you can end up with dozens of apps you never use and never even intended to download. That can clutter up your screen and make it hard to find the apps you truly need to use.

Uninstalling inadvertent apps is easy. Just click the All Apps icon and choose the Apps tab. Click and hold the icon for the app you want to remove, then drag and drop the icon to the Uninstall icon and click OK to confirm the deletion.

#2 — Make Losing Your Phone Less Stressful

Smart phones are among the most frequently lost personal items, and that statistic does not even count thefts. Whether you are setting up your first Android smartphone ormoving on to the newest model, you need to protect the device.

The best tool for the job is the Android Device Manager, an app that can use GPS to track down your device if it goes missing. Device Manager also allows you to lock the screen remotely, making it useless to a thief, or ring the phone at full volume to help you locate it in a crowded room.

#3 —Take a Screen Shot with Your Phone

You may know how to get a screen shot when working on your desktop or laptop computer; but it is even easier on your-Android smart phone. This simple trick is great for sharing data, saving your work or just keeping track of your to-do

You can take a screen shot of your Android smart phone by pressing the power button and volume decent buttons simultaneously. When you press the two buttons at the same time, the screenshot Will be instantly stored in your photo album.

#4 — Keep Tabs on Your Data

Unless your plan provides unlimited data, you could be facing some serious overage charges when your first bill arrive, Keeping tabs on the amount of data you have used is an essential part of owning an Android phone. Monitoring your data usage will also make it easier to choose the right data plan —one that can save you money without subjecting you to additional charge,

#5 — Toggle Screen Rotation

The screens on Android smartphones are set up to automatically rotate when the phone moves. That can be a very useful feature, but it can sometimes be annoying. If you are typing and email or sending a text, even an inadvertent shift could cause the screen to rotate and make you lose your Win of thought.

You can temporarily disable the screen rotation feature on your Android smart phone with just a few clicks. Just click on Settings .d then Display Settings and choose the Orientation option. Unchecking the orientation box will lock the smart phone into portrait mode and stop those annoying orientation changes. You can toggle the feature on and off as needed.