Thursday, July 16, 2015

Prepare Smartfren Mobile 4G Made in Indonesia

Smartfren telecom operators cooperate with PT Haier Electronic Appliances Indonesia (Haier) to assemble its first 4G phone in Indonesia. However, this time they claimed not decided on a name for the product.

In the phone box was written Andromax Q brand, while on the label affixed G36C1H model code or type. Smartphone Division Head Telecom Sukaca Smartfren Purwokardjono say this designation can still be changed.

"Now we can see this is one of the 4G LTE products that will be launched later. This device will be launched in the next few weeks," he said on the sidelines of a visit to the assembly plant PT Haier Electronic Appliances Indonesia, in Cikarang, Thursday (21 / 5/2015)

At present, Haier assembly plant in the supply of the production line for the assembly of mobile phones. One line is estimated to produce a maximum of 1,000 units of mobile phones every day.

"Now there is only one line, but we planned to add two line again," said Sukaca.

Yoga Hastyadi Widiartanto / 4G mobile Dus Smartfren assembled by PT Haier Electronic Appliances Indonesia

Assembly is done in this country is an effort to meet the rules of Domestic Content Level (DCL) is being processed by the government. Haier Mobile Andromax assembly is also, according to the Business Planning Manager Haier Indonesia Surachman, DCL has reached 28.8 percent.

"If the (set of rules) DCL 30 percent of us yes, thank God. If 40 percent is also good. While this DCL (Andromax Q) is already 28.8 percent, but it was enough," he said.

Problem assembly, according Sukaca, the fare is now almost equal to the cost of the assembly in China. Assembly in Indonesia is not cheaper because not many assembly supporting industries in the country, for example, for battery or camera module.

Sukaca sure, the cost of production in the country will slowly turn into cheaper as the emergence of a manufacturer of the battery or the camera module.

"If the side product, both made in Indonesia or China are the same. From the price, the cost in both countries are almost the same," he said.

"This price difference is not significant because supporting industries have not grown. For example, if there are production of batteries or camera module, it may be cheaper," he concluded.