Saturday, May 16, 2015

5 Quick Tips to Conserve Mobile Data

Maybe you're breaching your data limit every month, or-maybe you want to downgrade to a lower-volume data plan a pay less money. Maybe you want to conserve data for times when you really need it, like driving to a new place with a UPS navigation app. Whatever the case may be, most people can benefit by using these tricks to lower their monthly data usage.

Download the App Versions of Your Favorite Sites

Your favorite major websites probably have a free app version of their site. App versions of sites offer a few advantages for mobile users. The layout and navigation is tailored specifically to mobile phones. More importantly, apps use significantly less data than the regular browser site. Using app sites instead of browser sites is one of the best ways to cut down on data usage.

Make the Most of Wi-Fi Zones

Think of mobile data as a small canteen you need to sustain yourself as you cross a harsh and unforgiving desert. You have to ration those precious drops if you want to survive. If mobile data is the canteen, then Wi-Fi is the oasis.

Take advantage of Wi-Fi zones to download files and watch videos or upload photos to Instagram. If you can, wait until you have Wi-Fi to do anything data-intensive. As soon as you're out of the Wi-Fi zone and switch mobile data back on, go back to conserving data usage.

Close Apps When Not in Use

Leaving apps running will slowly push you closer to your data limit. Check your- application manager every once in a while and close any apps you may not have shut down. Some apps work constantly to grab data from the Internet. Investigate the settings of apps to make sure they're not running 24/7 to instantly cut down on data waste.

Monitor Data Usage

Most phones allow you to monitor data usage down to the minute. They also tell you which apps are using the most data. A quick analysis of your data usage can help you figure out which apps are using up most of your data. This will help you adjust your mobile habits and reduce data usage.

Think Strategically

Some of your mobile data decisions will be based on what your phone plan includes. Do you have limited data but unlimited texting? Maybe you should message a friend using a normal text message instead of WhatsApp. Apps like WhatsApp and Messenger use data to send messages over the Internet. This bumps up your data usage and might result in higher incurred charges. Since texting is already paid for-on your plan, old-school texting can save you data and money.

The Merits of Saving Data

Lowering data usage can help you avoid overage charges and switch to a cheaper low-volume plan. If you have trouble staying under your monthly limit, monitoring and lowering your data streaming can help you avoid extra charges. Who doesn't love being able to fearlessly open their phone bill?