Friday, March 01, 2013

Entering the world of iOS game developing

cocos2d game engine

Simply ask any gamer, novice or experienced, and the will tell you that the same game can never be played the same way on two different platforms; each platform offers a different feel entirely. Whether it is the number of buttons on your controller, or the functions assigned to these buttons, it is a completely different experience. Perhaps the most so, would be games which have been adapted for use on a mobile phone; because nowadays, very few phones actually have any buttons at all!

It's all about the OS

The next big difference lies within the operating system (OS) of the device. When creating and coding a game, each different OS has different requirements, and therefore no two will ever be identical. The new Apple operating system (iOS) is the most advanced of its time, and therefore, creating games for this platform are completely different to OS's even on other similar devices (such as the Android or Windows OS).

So why should I create games for the iOS?

Well, with over 146 million Apple iPhones and over 240 million iPads being sold to date, it's fair to say that it's a big market. Bear in mind that these figures don't include the number of iPod touches sold either which generally work off the same iOS. When you create a new app for the Apple App Store, you are automatically opening out your product to an audience of hundreds of thousands, millions even. Also, it is worth noting that Apple only let genuine Apps into their store, so your App will not be surrounded by a heap of useless junk where customers would have to sift out the weeds to get to your gem!

Initial setup

Without going into a lot of technical jargon, there are multiple game engines that you can use to help design and set up your new App, but the most popular one is probably the cocos2d for the iPhone. It offers a bunch of settings that you can adapt and change to be the way you want, its appearance, the noises it makes, you can change anything. In addition, this software can also be used to develop Apps for Mac; you just have to change a few settings. So by developing your software using a system like this, it effectively opens you up to a market of millions of users. To ensure I don't seem biased, let me reinforce that this is not the only engine you can use to create your App with, but it is the most widely used and the most popular; probably for good reason.

stencyl game engine

New to App development?

If you're completely new to creating and designing games, you should probably type Stencyl into your search engine. It has a mountain of useful hints and tips, breaks down the process of creating and developing a new game so you can get a step by step action plan, and provides support to help you along the way. You don't even have to be able to make or understand codes anymore to create a game! This will do it all for you. Of course if you're a computer whizz kid then you can add as many long and complicated codes as you wish, but it is not essential, and you can go as far without doing so.

So why IS it different?

Well, it's better. Whenever you create a new App for the iOS market you are becoming the cream of the crop; not everyone makes it. When you do, you will be opened up to a market of millions of people looking for exactly what you are providing. In essence, if you want to be a success in developing Apps, developing for the iOS is a good way to go.

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