Sunday, March 03, 2013

Universal TransPad turns your Smartphone into a Tablet

Universal Transpad

The new TransPad, dubbed Universal TransPad (or UTP) is a solution that allows you to turn your smartphone into a 8" or 10" tablet by sliding it into the tablet's back. This new model no longer requires a special phone (TransPhone) in combination with the tablet (à la Asus PadFone) but accepts your very own smartphone to power the combination.

Simply dock your smartphone into an UTP to seamless convert into a 8" (or 10") 3G tablet that even charge your phone (there's a dedicated battery in the device to avoid draining your phone's juice). The 10" inch will retail for about $150, which is okay (nor cheap, neither very expensive).

Universal Transpad DockThe "trick" consist on the availability of certain adapters (or TransAdapters) you insert your smartphone into. This accessory has the proper shape (and a special connector) to slide into the back of the UTP and instantly use the big capacitive display instead of your phone's (you won't need an additional data plan either, as you'll use the one from your phone).

There are currently adapters for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Xiaomi Mi 2, the Sony Xperia Z, the HTC Butterfly and the forthcoming Galaxy S IV (all premium phones, so your UTP tablet will also be quite capable). Your UTP doesn't go out of date just because your smartphone does, when you decide to change your smartphone, just get a suitable TransAdapter and you're ready to go.

If the device proves to be successful among consumers, the manufacturer (TransPhone International) also plans to port the UTP to other formats (such as TV sets, monitors, wall mounts, etc..).

What do you think? Do you still prefer totally separated devices (dedicated phone and tablet)? Or do you find the idea of the tablet as a peripheral intriguing? Please have your say in the comments section below.