Tuesday, August 04, 2015

iPhone 6 c Accidentally Shown in Apple site

Whether intentional or not, the smartphone is even still has not been announced by Apple, the iPhone 6c, appeared on the official website. Photos of these devices appear shortly on the Apple Store website.

Apple does not write that the device displayed on the site as iPhone 6c. At first glance, it is very similar to Apple's previous plastic phones, iPhone 5c. The back of the device that looks plastic.

However, there is a distinction that makes it believed to be the iPhone 6c. Like I summarize from Cult of Mac, Friday (22/05/2015), part of the Home button in the picture looks the same as the Touch buttons ID (sensor fingerprint scanner) that have emerged since the iPhone 5S.

For your information, the iPhone 5c do not use the fingerprint scanner buttons. The device uses a standard home button that has been used since the first generation iPhone.

Besides images, unfortunately, Apple does not "let slip" disclose the specifications of the device are strongly suspected as the iPhone 6c.

According to my observations from the Apple Store website, the picture is not seen again. Apple seems to have realized their mistake and returned to replace it with product images iPhone 5c.

Some previous news says that Apple will release the successor series of the iPhone 5c 6s along with iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus.

Initially, many suspect, Apple will not continue cheapening the product line. The reason is, iPhone 5c considered not so sold on the market. The device also has not been updated for 19 months. However, the leak of the photo, most likely the consumer will see the iPhone 6c in the near future.

As usual, Apple would not comment on any existing rumors. Therefore, when exactly these devices will be launched is still a mystery.