Monday, August 05, 2013

HTC Butterfly S with Ultra Pixel camera Hands-on

HTC Butterfly S

Smart phones have swept the world over with their technological moves. It’s been buzzing around and, the consumer is bombarded with different varieties of phones. It is amazing the way the smart phone has made a smart consumer. If you visit any mobile shop, you would be surprised by the questions consumers ask the salesman. Ranging from the battery life which has become a common question to the facilities like apps it supports etc. are becoming a common question. The second type of query that most consumers bombard the salesman with is what smartphone should they go for. They need to know the brand that is selling the most to the features that each smartphone has and, in that context choose one for themselves.

At such a time and age, where there is severe competition of the brands and, their newer models HTC has been raging popularity among consumers. When HTC came up with its Cha Cha, who knew the sales would go so high that the phones would be consumed in first go. HTC never looked back after that and, since then it has been producing a lot of phones with newer and better features priced at an affordable rate. This is amazing given that almost all phones that HTC has managed to produce have been sold out in the first go itself.

One such new phone that has found its place in the markets recently is the HTC butterfly S. With its brilliant accessories and features to back it, it has become a phone that almost every second person desires to have. The newer and better features unleashed with this new phone have captured many hearts. So, what is so special about this phone? Let’s check out a few features and, you might just get to know how good this phone feels.

The first brilliant thing about this phone is that it is being compared to S4 released by Samsung. This is something really worth discussing about. Given the popularity and features that Samsung gives to its consumers, it is a real daring step taken by HTC to fall in the same bracket as Samsung. The look of this phone would give you an overall amazing feel. The Butterfly in its black wings is quite a desirable creature.

The Appealing Outside

HTC Butterfly S SizeThe best part of this phone is the 5” display screen which makes it appear magnificent to the eyes. It is a full HD phone with the best possible resolution. A light weight phone that would make carrying it around easy! In fact, you would not fear it falling off your hands as it is light weight.

The Inner Fire

What’s on the outside might be desirable but ultimately it is what runs inside that matter in case of a phone. With a Snapdragon 600 Quad Core, you can imagine the speed at which the CPU of this phone is going to run. So, you have a real speed based phone in your hand. An Android OS with HTC sense makes it a complete HTC phone with quite an Android base. With a 2GB RAM, nothing can go wrong in this phone. You have a complete speed blockbuster package in your hand. What more, it gets connected to GPRS, EDGE etc. giving you the perfect way to capture your internet and stay close to your near and dear ones. With EDGE, you have BBM on your android.

Capture & Shoot

The camera is the ultimate feature that forms the heart of this mobile. It is the one feature that provides class to this phone. With an ultra-pixel camera and a 2.1 megapixel front camera, the shooting feature provided by HTC is ultimate. You can capture pictures while on the go and, keep uploading them. You will surely be praised for clarity in pictures and beautiful dimensions given the fact that this camera is unbeatably awesome. A smart flash gives five levels of flash that is automatically decided by the distance and subject. This amazing feature gives you a chance to choose the flash you might wish for in a picture. Camera is the feature of this phone for which you should definitely place your bids on it.

HTC Butterfly S Multimedia

Sound & Multimedia

Phones have become synonymous with multimedia and sound systems. A class sound system best defines a phone. Most of you listen to their favourite songs while on the go on a mobile. This phone supports all multimedia formats leaving you with an option not to convert your favourite music into desirable formats. The phone also supports all video formats and, displays your video in the best possible way. Of course, you can record only in mp4 formats. This is one weak point but slowly probably even this will seem fine to the users.

Battery Life

Battery is the most important feature of any phone. If you own a phone, you would want that it stays on for a long time. Even after using it for various purposes, you would wish for a long battery life. You would get 25 hours of talk time while you have up to 659 hours of standby time. This phone is a magical quadrum for all those who consider battery life to be their lifeline.

Features are ultimate with this phone. If you love features and, consider camera to be your lifeline, then this is the phone for you. Bound by amazing features and a great battery life this phone is truly a boon to all users. It looks awesome and professional in the colour black. With this phone HTC will have a chance with the consumers in a market dominated by pricing standards set by the brand Samsung.

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