Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sony launches Xperia C with 5 inch screen and quad-core processor at affordable price

Xperia C

The Android smartphone market seems to be exhausted with the new launches and the brand smartphone warfare. There are cheaper, more powerful and exceptionally beautiful handsets coming out through various shapes, features and of course, brands.

HTC launches a few neat powerful smartphones, while Samsung has one for every requirement. Apple stays minimal and Nokia is trying on the smartphone market in a different way with a completely different Windows based Operating System. Sony tries to keep up with all these brands, but faces challenges with a competition that offers powerful processing devices at affordable rates. This fact has changed Sony’s game, which has now launched the latest Sony Xperia C.

The look and feel

The Sony Xperia C is an addition to Sony’s Xperia range, which is quite different, mainly because its Dual-Sim capability. The most attractive feature of the smartphone is the 5.0” TFT touch display which has a great 4 finger multi-touch support. The smart-phone supports 3G network and has a lot to offer at, despite being priced competitively. The Sony Xperia C looks sleek and neat and is powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU and churns all the heat with a 1GB RAM. The internal memory is 4GB and the memory can be added up to 32 GB through a microSD slot.

The Power and Processor

The smartphone runs on a fresh version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is the latest offering by the Operating system. The Display is High Definition and the layout looks neat, despite having Dual-Sim options. The Android buttons are integrated within the 5.0” screen and there are no extra buttons to support the keys. Due to this feature, the screen can be extended, when the buttons are not in use, thus saving space on the device and giving out more space for the screen to fit in. Similar to the Xperia Z, the main lock and shut down button is on the right side of the device, but has a smaller button than the flagship model by the brand.

The quad-core is made up to complete use, mainly with the huge HD display, Dual Sim capability and strong camera, which require a lot of power to work. 1 GB RAM makes the smartphone work faster without any lag and is a perfect combination to the robust processor. The processor allows doing maximum out of the hardware that is fit in the smartphone to make apps make most out of the phone. The Sony Xperia C is fit with an accelerometer, proximity meter and a compass. To make the most out of the smartphone the Android market will allow choosing the most functional app for it to be compatible with.

Through your eyes

Xperia C SpecificationsThe Sony Xperia C includes an 8 Mega-Pixel sensor camera, which captures pictures in HD. With the Exmor Rfor mobile and the HDR features, the smartphone produces sharp pictures in day-light and decent stills in the absence of light. The camera options include auto-focus and touch focus, which makes the focusing quick and flawless. Smile-detection, panorama and face-detection come standard in the camera options. The Sony Xperia C also comes with an LED Flash, if there is hardly any light at the night-party. The secondary camera is a VGA resolution camera, which has filters to make the subject look better. The front-camera is mainly designed for Video conferencing and the real deal is hidden in the main camera. The most attractive feature of the main camera is the self-portrait feature, which has been introduced in the smartphone, where in the Sony Xperia C gives directions to move the camera in order to get a perfectly framed picture.

The Video option in the smartphone is great and can record Full HD videos at 1080p. There is also an option of Video Stabilization in the Video mode, which allows one to take great videos even in shaky situations. The smart-phone has several Video recording modes, which are included in the Cyber-shot app, which is standard in most of the Sony’s Android smart-phones. The zoom-in feature can be used with a pinch-in.

Through your ears

The music app has great features and includes several modes namely, fierce hip-hop, Relaxing Jazz and Playful pop. These modes change the mood of the track, based on its genre, giving the most if the track, while listening to them. The audio is clearer with the Clear Audio+ mode, which is an enhancement by Sony’s Walkman app. There are several models of the Clear Audio+ headset, which lets one enjoy the maximum out of the device. The Sony Xperia C supports FLAC format too, which is a high definition version of the audio track.

Other features

There are several options added in the Sony Xperia C, which is the sync feature with the television through Wi-Fi, DLNA or Mobile High Definition Link, to play HD videos from the smartphone on to the HD device. All these features come with an exceptional battery back-up, but must be kept in the STAMINA mode, in-order to obtain the most out of it. The Sony Xperia C can be connected to other compatible devices that Sony offers, which can make the smartphone smarter. The smartphone can be connected to wireless smart headset, a smartwatch which has a touch feature and a stereo Bluetooth headset, to listen to music on the go.


The Sony Xperia C is a great device with a Quad-core processor, 1 GB Ram and a 5.0” multi-touch TFT display hat offers great camera, camera options, music options and the essential connectivity options of an Android smartphone. The smartphone is a Dual-Sim 3G connectivity device, which can support connectivity to other devices too. Sony has integrated their best features from their TV, camera and walkman, to get the most into one device, which also has a great powerful processor. The Sony Xperia C comes in three colours of white, black and purple. All we need to see is what the other brands will get into the market to compete against this pro smartphone.

Author: The Author of this post is Julia. She wrote several tech posts for 91mobiles.com. Her passion for upgrading her knowledge puts her to research on topics relevant to her industry. Besides, she also likes to share her findings by writing about them in her free time.