Thursday, December 13, 2012

BlackBerry Messenger 7.0 Update brings free voice over Wi-Fi

BlackBerry Messenger

With BBM connected apps, you can chat with BBM friends within your apps and select BBM contacts right from the app to invite them to join in on the fun or download it.

Facebook, Twitter, BBM Music, BlackBerry Travel app and BlackBerry App World are now BBM connected apps. So you can share your Facebook status update, Tweet, songs, travel itinerary or apps directly to contacts through BBM, without ever leaving the BBM connected apps.

The new features and enhancements for BlackBerry Messenger version 7.0 include, together with some bug fixes, the following items:

  • BBM Voice: In BBM, an icon at the top of the chat screen indicates if the contact is available for a voice chat.When you receive a voice chat request, a distinct sound let's you know that someone wants totalk.
  • More emoticons: Express yourself using over a dozen new emoticons.
  • Backup and Restore: After setting up BBM, your contacts, profile, and group membership are now automaticallybacked up over the wireless network based on your BlackBerry ID. To restore your BBM data, open BBM 7.0 or later and enter the same BlackBerry ID that you usedto set up BBM.

Source: BlackBerry