Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Nokia WP8 flagship leaked -or faked- in Twitter (update: it's a concept - and we love it)

Nokia Lumia Leak

Yesterday a photo of an allegedly new quad core Nokia with Windows Phone 8 popped in the @bncbgr twitter account with no further details. The photo showed an unknown boxy -yet stylish- Nokia handset over an FCC sheet.

Update: We've found out that Bence Bogár might be a designer who publishes some work in sites like Yanko Design. Google traces him back into Egy Stúdió, in Hungary, a company devoted to industrial design artworks. Either this is a nice fake or someone will get a call from his contractor ;-)

Although the photo (or should I say render?) is quite nice (and thankfully not blurry) it looks too pretty to me to belong to the FCC (unless there's an artist soul in there).

Few hours later, a new tweet from the same author provided further details, accompanying a new photo with additional specifications that seems hard to deduce from the image itself.

Although this might well end being just another fake, we appreciate the design of this "new" Nokia (real or not) and hopefully we'll see something alike soon.

What do you think? Does it looks legit to you? Would you buy such a device?