Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Firmware LG T300 download (LG Cookie Lite)

This article is about LG T300 Cookie Lite and firmware LG T300 download.

I have LG T300 Cookie Lite. This is a good smartphone, but when I decided to install firmware, I faced a problem. Actually, it was difficult not to flash, but to find a suitable firmware.

After a long search, I collected archive of firmware LG T300, which is ready to share with you.

First, let’s recall main features of smartphone.

Features LG T300 Cookie Lite

LG T300 Cookie Lite is the most compact model in the series. It was released in 2008, when touchscreen smartphones have become increasingly popular. The smartphone is equipped with 2.4 inches touch screen. The small size LG T300 Cookie Lite perfectly fits in hand and fits easily into a pocket.

LG T300 Cookie Lite is a nice touch phone for relatively little money.

Now let's look at firmware LG T300 download.

Firmware LG T300 download

  • Version: LGT300AT-01-V10a-334-020 Release: OCT-24-2010 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-01-V10f-234-33 Release: NOV-05-2010 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-00-V10a-ARB-XXX Release: SEP-16-2010 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-00-V10c-286-XXX Release: JAN-19-2011 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-00-V10d-404-YYY Release: APR-07-2011 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-00-V10k-CIS-XXX Release: NOV-08-2010 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX Release: JUL-05-2011 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-01-V10a-334-050 Release: MAR-02-2011 – download
  • Version: LGT300AT-01-V10e-334-030 Release: NOV-25-2010 - download

That’s all firmware LG T300 download! I hope that my archive with firmware LG T300 helps you.