Monday, November 21, 2016

Firmware LG KP500 download

In this article we share with you some links to firmware LG KP500 download. Also here you can find the latest version of LG KP 500 firmware v11b download.

First, let’s recall main features LG KP500.

Features LG KP500

LG KP500 is affordable smartphone with full touch screen. The phone is presented in 2 colors: black and elegant gold. Model LG KP500 has a built-in stylus that lets you write notes and text messages by hand and edit photos. The screen orientation switches automatically, depending on the position of the body.

The screen size is 3-inch with resolution 400x240 pixels. Smartphone was released on November 1, 2008.

Now we consider most popular firmware LG KP500 download.

You'll find updates for other LG handsets at the LG Firmware Central page.

LG KP 500 firmware v11b download

Firmware LG KP500 download

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