Friday, August 07, 2015

Small Market Share, Why BlackBerry Still Make a Smartphone?

BlackBerry smartphone business is being dropped. Its market share is now less than one percent globally. Then why BlackBerry is still bother making a new smartphone?

CEO John Chen answered that question in an interview with Business Insider. According to Chen, was quoted as saying KompasTekno, Monday (18/05/2015), the BlackBerry smartphone is excellence in terms of safety.

Android and iPhone smartphones can indeed designed to be safe, but still not be as safe as the new BlackBerry when first removed from the boxes, claims John.

"Just look at the US Army (US Army), they still use a BlackBerry, if I (BlackBerry) smartphone does not produce anymore, then I market out" so said Chen.

"Now the problem is, how do we look for profit from total volume of smartphone consumers who are still remaining," he added.

Through the statement, Chen as confirmed that there is still a niche market for BlackBerry. Artificial BlackBerry smartphone seems to be a niche product for large corporate executives and state officials who need a high level of security of mobile communications.

BlackBerry under the leadership of Chen did use strategies to reduce dependence on the consumer smartphone market, and focus on business services, corporate security software.