Thursday, August 13, 2015

Recognize Aluminum Alloy Materials "Smartphone" Current Popular

Not many smartphone manufacturers are consistently serving premium flavors in its products. The use of metal materials, namely aluminum alloy and stainless stell, have now been widely used smartphone manufacturer to protect from impact. What the aluminum alloy?

Aluminum is a light metal that is abundant in the earth. The amount own 8 percent of the surface area of the earth.

In addition to strong, is classified as the lightest metal. This metal is widely used in components requiring high strength, yet flexible and lightweight, for example, to the material plane or ship's hull. Then, why the material is now widely used as a framework for a smartphone?

As is known, aluminum is an excellent heat conductor. The heat generated by components inside smartphones, misalnyaprosesor and GPU, its temperature will be easily propagated through the material aluminum.

The distributed temperature will make the cooling device will go faster. This material is very flexible to be formed, besides the strength also very good to protect components from impact.

That applied Oppo on new models, R1x. By using aluminum alloy material, smartphone this series not only guarantees the display of fashion to be beautiful, but also provide protection for the device in it.

Oppo did polish the frame R1x that emits a sparkling impression. Penampangnya also fine that strengthens it looks more premium, but still comfortable in the hand.