Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Galaxy Note 5 Called Premature Birth, It says Samsung

Although the duo recently released Galaxy S6 into the market, Samsung is rumored to already have other plans to block the sale of competitors' products duo of Apple's iPhone 6. One of them is the quicker release of Galaxy Note 5 to the market.

However, rumors regarding the acceleration of the release time is directly contradicted by the Samsung. No kidding, the news was immediately confirmed by the leaders of the company, JK Shin.

As KompasTekno summarized from Phone Arena, Thursday (21/05/2015), the denial expressed by the CEO in the presence of some media some time ago at a meeting in the building Seocho Samsung Electronics in South Korea.

In the event, Shin revealed that the jumbo screen smartphone, the Galaxy Note 5, will not be released to the market faster than his habit over the years.

Earlier, grapevine reports circulating on the internet, the South Korean company said already will be releasing the Galaxy Note 5 next July.

Typically, a product which was introduced towards the end of the year, precisely at IFA Berlin in September. This decision reportedly taken to dampen sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the global market.

The news was also reinforced by the leaking of a little specs of Galaxy Note 5. Rumor early mention, these devices will be equipped with high-resolution screen artificial subsidiary of Samsung, Samsung Display.

This screen is said AMOLED and capable of supporting Ultra-HD resolution of 2,160 x 3,840 pixels. Provisional estimates, the screen will have a very high density of 700 pixels per inch.

The hope, the screen with the ability to create user can comfortably watch videos with quality 4k.

Specifications are said to have been introduced to the global telecommunications partners. In fact, purnarupa of Galaxy Note 5 rumored to be completed by mid-June.