Friday, July 25, 2014

How to increase battery life on your iPhone 5

iphone battery

Battery life is always an issue when it comes to smartphones, most of us are searching for a smartphone that is either featuring a bigger battery, or has an energy saving mode. But what happens if we already have a smartphone? Here are some tips that could help you save some battery power, in case you own an iPhone 5 or 5S, running iOS 7 and above.

First of all, you must test your battery usage. You do that by writing down your usage and stand-by numbers (found under “General-Usage” in Settings), then lock your phone for five minutes. Check you stand-by and usage numbers again and you’ll notice the stand-by numbers have increased by 5 minutes while the usage numbers didn’t increase, even if they should by at least 1 minute. If the usage numbers are increased to 5 minutes, it means something is using the battery when it shouldn’t. So, you have a problem somewhere.

Another tip would be to disable location services for Facebook, a good tip even for other smartphone users, because it’s well known tracking and locating apps eat the battery like it’s honey. You can turn off apps like this or at least, be very selective what apps you keep enabled. You have to click on Privacy (in Settings) and turn off as many Location Services as possible.

Disabling background app refresh is also a good idea, because as other Facebook apps, this one is also a battery eater. You’ll find General-Background App Refresh in Settings and turn off as many apps as possible or all of then, it’s unlikely you enable them again anyways.

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