Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teenagers Increasing Urge to Splurge on Latest Smartphones

Teens and Smartphones

Gone are the days when phones were considered mere communications devices, they have now become an integral part of one’s life. And the teenagers are on the forefront of this evolution. But this evolution is causing trouble to the parents who are getting worried because they cannot afford to buy such expensive gifts, and the fact that the modern teenagers won’t take no for an answer is even more startling.

Teenagers of last century and teenagers of this century are widely distinct. It is not just an empty statement when people reminisce thinking that back in the day, growing up was more about being in open spaces like lakes, parks and playing games. Teenagers of today don’t go past school and college activities, and the rest of their time revolves around the world of gadgets. Statistics suggests that 1 out of 4 teenagers own a smartphone and they use it not just for calling and texting, but also for accessing internet, using location-based services to check-in at various places, and many more advanced usages.

The innuendos are not all negative. These days with opportunities and resources at hand, teenagers are encouraged to think ahead, and get more creative. Geeky teens are no longer those few who know how to fix a problem with the remote, or a voice answering machine. Teenagers now with the little help of internet can go as far as modeling their own robots and DIY’ing everything big Companies create.

E-commerce and retail Companies, are prudent or rather shrewd enough to understand this present social and cultural change in teenagers. They offer great deals online, which entices them to afford the best of things at a much lower price. Not always! Being so surrounded and absorbed in this gizmo crazy world leads many teenagers to fall into corporate traps that look perfect at first look, but the reality unfolds after many months of paying unwarranted EMI.

What is more apparent is that "savings" to teenagers is a pseudonym and what it really implies is technology fund. Manufacturers play to this, and where technology is undergoing huge modifications, and is taking new turns, teenagers have got more eager to own better than the best. While earlier, Xbox and PlayStation consoles were the thing they saved up money for, in today’s time of feature-packed Phablets and smartphone’s, their interest has also shifted to these gadgets. Also, the very fact that you don’t have to think up subtle ways to brag about the bulky gadgets sitting back in your den, just having uber-cool smartphones with you is a statement in itself, is another reason; teenagers divert their funds to buying such smartphones.

Teenagers are given money for miscellaneous expenses, daily college and school expenses like getting food at the canteen, and what about those who have moved away from home to study in better universities. They also have a regular, not necessarily generous flow of monthly funds from their folks. When money comes in, in large amounts, they get tempted to buy a pricey gadget, sacrificing on basic necessities, which would have otherwise been affordable but for that pricey gadget. Is the trouble worth it? They certainly think so, and the contentment coming from owning a latest fancy gadget leads them to shop for more, which gives way to a vicious cycle. This does not necessarily mean it’s bad. Looking at it positively, we may think it’s fanciful and outliving the means, however considering that it is a type of sacrifice and effort gone into understanding that if you want something, you have to forgo something else. This drive is sure to make them realize that hard work is what will pay for that expensive gadgetry.

It’s not like parents of teenagers are not bogged down with worry about the fact that they can’t be the typical doting parents who give their children what they desire. Parents take this very seriously and even seek professional help as to how to make boundaries and curb their teenagers’ expenditure while also not playing the role of a very stringent parent. Parents are even pressurized by them who demand for more money, giving only callous reasons, showing total disregard and irresponsibility. Once these teenagers are given into, they start to live in a false world where money source they think is never ending. This leaves kids to have a feeling of false entitlement. This attitude stems from the fact that they think parents ought to bend to their needs simply because they are dependent on them and simply because it’s their parents who brought them into the world. They also respond and treat parents differently when they are given what they want, leaving parents to have a moral dilemma about how to do damage control.

A sensible option is to shower teens with gifts as rewards, instead of as an answer to their demands. This will instill the right type of ambition in them, and make them work towards it. It’s a win-win situation for both. Parents have a duty to overcome pressure and convert this false sense of entitlement into something positive and make them see the world in the real sense.

Author: Julia works with 91mobiles, an ecommerce mobile comparison company. Her passion for upgrading his knowledge puts her to research on topics relevant to her industry. Besides, she also likes to share her findings by writing about them in her free time. Check out the top mobiles below 10,000 INR and compare them.

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