Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New version of Chrome for Android speeds up browsing


Google just announced that its Chrome for Android web browser has received an update with some helpful changes for eligible Android devices.

The mobile version of Google Chrome brings many of the desktop Chrome features to your smartphone, offering an interface tailored to mobile devices that is fast, clean, and easy to use. Here is what has been changed.

Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include:
  • Improved scrolling performance
  • Increased responsiveness to pinch-zooming on pages
  • Faster interactive pages thanks to the latest version of the V8 javascript engine
  • Audio now continues to play while Chrome is in the background
  • Expanded support for HTML5 features

* Audio playing in Chrome will now pause when the phone is in use. This requires an additional permission.

You can get the Chrome browser update over in the Google Play store (it should be available shortly in all the countries). Then, have your say about the changes by posting a comment below.