Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.8 Update Landing

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.8

According to a Dutch site, some Nokia Lumia 800 handsets are already getting the official Windows Phone 7.8 update via the regular Zune desktop Software Update procedure. This is happening only few days after the WP 7.8 update was leaked in Navifirm for all the Nokia Lumia Series (900, 800, 710, 610 and 510).

Users report that the new WP 7.8 firmware update consists of four incremental steps: first a manufacturer update for Windows Phone, then an update from version 7.10.8773 to 7.10.8779.8, then version 7.10.8783, and finally an update to 7.10.8858.136.

Windows Phone 7.8 Update

Once the update is finished, the phone reboots itself and shows the new boot screen and an option to resize the Windows Phone live tiles from there on.

So hurry up! plug your Lumia into Zune and check if you've been lucky. If not, will you wait for the official update, or will you go the Navifirm way? Please have your say in the comments section below.