Thursday, December 27, 2012

LG Smartphone Flashing Guide

USB Cable

Formerly, this post had generic instructions to flash any LG smartphone. However, the flashing procedure is slightly different from phone to phone, which led some readers to confusion (some steps vary or don't apply to all the handsets). Therefore, I have decided to split the tutorial into different posts -so every page is specific to one model- and keep this post as an index.

To begin with, I've posted guides to some of the most popular LG smartphones. Please let me know if you need instructions for other models and I'll do my best. Moreover, if you find any error or omission in the existing guides, or even if you succeded flashing your phone, please let me know using the comments section below.

Firmware Flashing Guides

Flashing a firmware is not without risks. If you don't do it properly, you might render your phone inoperable so please take the time to read the instructions carefuly and run it at your own risk (we won't be liable to whatever might get wrong neither we could provide technical support)