Monday, November 05, 2012

New Acer Smartphone Line is a Déjà Vu

Acer Explore

It seems that Acer's new strategy to gain a foothold in the smartphone market won't come without introducing some confusion and mistakes to their potential customers.

So, Acer has decided that the smartphone previously known as Cloudmobile will be renamed Cloumobile A in some countries (Germany, Spain ..) and S Series in others (England, France..). At the same time, the Acer Liquid Gallant Duo seems to have changed its name to Liquid C in some countries and E Series in others (no traces of the "solo" Gallant).

Acer Series E

To introduce further confusion, the cover photo of the Liquid C (or E Series) in the Acer website shows a Liquid Glow, while on the details page the photos belong to the Gallant Duo. To finish the job, the specifications for the E Series shows a 3.7" display (that corresponds to the Glow) but also dual SIM capabilities (that's for the Gallant).

Acer Series E

Right now, I doubt whether the E Series corresponds to the Gallant or to the Glow... or a new mixed up model. It's a mess.

Moreover, the French site also displays the Acer Liquid Gallant Duo together with the "new" E Series. This makes me thing Acer has badly mixed up photos and specifications of the Liquid Glow and the Liquid Gallant.

Acer Series E

The only novelty that I could find out is the Z series, a low-end smartphone to give some unnecessary competition to the Glow. Acer, please, tidy up your website.