Monday, October 22, 2012

Nokia CEO: Surface phone and fear from Apple helps Nokia

Stephen Elop

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop reckons carriers' fears over the Android and Apple duopoly will force the birth of the Windows Phone ecosystem that he's bet the Finnish company's future on — an ecosystem he believes would benefit from Microsoft's presence.

There's a dynamic I think we're seeing — and it's spilling out into public discourse particularly in the US — and that is increasing concern amongst operators about the concentration of, if you like, power that is landing with two particular ecosystems that are obviously quite strong out there today

...Elop said on a call with analysts on Thursday.

Nokia on Wednesday announced a not-unexpected lacklustre third quarter ahead of the November launch of its Lumia 820 and 920 smartphones. Its smartphone sales dropped from 10 million in the previous quarter to 6.3 million — just one million more than the number of iPhone 5s Apple sold in the first weekend after launch.

Source: ZDNET