Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Microsoft won't bet everything on one card

Nokia Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation and Nokia Corporation have been supporting each other for a very long time, however Microsoft will not be relying only on Nokia for the success of its Windows 8 operating system.

The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, participated in the Windows Phone 8X release event in September, which shows that the company is supporting HTC devices running Windows 8. HTC’s new devices largely resemble Nokia’s Lumia phones.

HTC’s rise as a strong Windows Phone player is significant. The largest carrier in the U.S, Verizon Communications Inc., is using HTC’s Windows Phone 8X device as its very first foray into Windows Phone and has totally ignored the Lumia 900 and other Windows Phones launched this year. If Nokia can’t even compete with HTC on Verizon, it will be tough for Nokia to compete with its Lumia devices against other big rivals in U.S, including Apple.

Source: Statesman Sentinel