Tuesday, October 02, 2012

BlackBerry 10 "N" Series available for pre-order

BlackBerry 10 N

It has not official launch date yet, but still you can pre-order a new BlackBerry 10 "N" series at Expansys. Moreover, there's a $10 off the undisclosed price for early adopters. So, hurry up!

The Blackberry N-Series is the codename for a new range of QWERTY-friendly smartphones based on the Blackberry 10 OS. So far, there are at 3 possible phones in the series, including phones with the codenames "Nevada", "Nashville", and "Naples". These phones are likely to be flagship models akin ot the current "Bold" series, as opposed to the lower-priced "Curve" series.

According to the Expansys pre-order page, the first Blackberry 10 Phones will have Snapdragon S4 Pro processors coupled with Adreno 320 GPUs and a 720x720 display. First models are expected by "early 2013".

And if you are curious about what BB10 OS has to offer, grab the BlackBerry 10 UI Guidelines PDF document and have a look now (courtesy of blackberryos.com).

Source: Expansys