Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Nokia PureMotion Technology White Paper surfaces

Smartphones rely completely on touch screen operation. In bright sunlight most displays turn non-readable and non-usable. It is close to impossible to read text messages or browse, even making a call becomes very difficult. For consumers this is a major usability problem. With PureMotion technology, Nokia is innovating to solve these problems.

Building on top of innovations in the ClearBlack technology, PureMotion introduces new innovation on outdoor viewing experience in mobile displays. In addition to the very low reflectance, which largely improves dark tone rendering in ambient light, PureMotion adds high luminance mode for backlight LED-driving and image contrast enhancement, on top of superb optical stack design. Together they improve the overall contrast and thus brightness and sunlight readability.

Do you want to know more? Go download the full whitepaper from Nokia while it's hot.

Source: Nokia