Monday, September 17, 2012

Keep saving: New Samsung Galaxy S4 to debut next February at MWC 2013 in Barcelona (update: Samsung tweet denies)

The new Samsung smartphone flagship will be unveiled in February, at next year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The plan was announced just three days after the arch-rival Apple introduced the iPhone 5.

According to The Korea Times, an official from Samsung who asked not to be identified, said last Sunday:

Samsung is ready to unveil the next Galaxy smartphone -the Galaxy S4- at early next year’s mobile world congress (MWC) in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Apparently, the handset will hit the shelves shortly after its introduction, in March 2013 at the latest. It will be the most powerful smartphone from Samsung to date and it is said to include:

  • Quad Core Exynos Chipset
  • 5 inch display
  • LTE communications
  • 13 MP camera

The S4 is perceived as a counter-attack from Samsung after a United States jury found the Korean firm copied key features of the iPhone and awarded Apple more then $1 billion in damages.

From a customer perspective though, the question is: What real advantages will the S4 bring to the table that are not available already? I mean, if I'm after a 5" display smartphone I can get a Galaxy Note now. Will the Galaxy S4 come with a very distinctive Touch Wiz 6 ?

Obviously, it is always nice to see the hardware improving at this pace, but I'd take a promptly OS update policy over upped specs anytime, thank you.

Update: Samsung Electronics posted a tweet (in Korean) denying the launch of the Galaxy S4 next February. The tweet translates:

The launch of a follow-up to the Galaxy SIII reported by some media is just a rumor that it is simply not true (...)

So, what do you think? Will the S4 be introduced as early as February? Is this tweet from Samsung an attempt to save the Galaxy S3 from the Osborne effect?

Source: The Korea Times