Friday, August 10, 2012

The Phones Show #177 - Hands-on reviews of Motorola Pro+ and Binatone BB200 proudly features The Phones Show, a popular video podcast from Steve Litchfield with reviews of the latest phones and smartphones. It is shot (video and stills) entirely on a phone at 1080p, just to demonstrate how powerful some of these modern devices are in terms of multimedia creation.

This episode contains:
  • Review of the Motorola Pro+, qwerty candybar champion that's err.... not quite good enough
  • Review of the Binatone BB200 - perfect for your aged family members?

Editorial: Steve Litchfield is the producer and presenter of The Phones Show and also editor and senior writer for AllAboutSymbian and AllAboutWindowsPhone. The Phones Show is an extremely informative, yet thoroughly entertaining show that brings an honest view on today's technology. Keep watching and never miss an episode of the greatest mobile parade on the internet.

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