Friday, August 03, 2012

Metropolitan police wants your smartphone footage

According to The Telegraph, Scotland Yard is building a computer system to help investigators exploit the trove of photographs and video evidence collected by the public on smartphones during major incidents such as 2011 riots.

The new system is being considered after existing metropolitan police facilities couldn't cope with the large quantity of digital content that was captured (and shared online) by the public during past London riots, using their smartphones. This data might be used as evidence in courts, complementing the current CCTV footage.

This somehow reminds me of "Burning Bright", the 3rd chapter in Fahreinheit 451 (1953) novel by Ray Bradbury, where it says:

"Police suggest entire population in the Elm Terrace area do as follows: Everyone in every house in every street open a front or rear door or look from the windows. The fugitive cannot escape if everyone in the next minute looks from his house. Ready!"

Inspiring, isn't it? Poor Guy Montag...