Friday, November 04, 2016

LG A230 firmware download free

In this article we talk about LG A230 and firmware for it.

LG A230 is cheap dual SIM mobile phone with optimal set of features. Monoblock is equipped with a radio, MP3 player, voice recorder, simple camera, memory card support.

It was released in July 2011.

You'll find updates for other LG handsets at the LG Firmware Central page.

If you have any problem with your phone, then you can install firmware. Here you can download some versions of LG A230 firmware.

LG A230 firmware download

LGA230AT-00-V10a-CIS-XXX - JUN-09-2011 - download

LGA230AT-00-V10c-ARB-YYY - JUN-22-2011 – download

LGA230AT-00-V10a-724-YYY - JUL-18-2011 - download

LGA230AT-00-V10f-ARB-XXX - AUG-06-2011 - download

LG A230 firmware DLL - download

Before you install LG A230 firmware, read the instructions carefully and check the version of firmware for your phone.